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Multiple merge views in InfoPath form library

There is no out of the box way how to create custom view which supports merge functionality. But such minor obstacles shouldn’t stop you from creating as many merge views in your library as you want.

1) Click “Create new view” link in your form library
2) Navigate to the “Start from an existing view” section (and we going to do so not to just one more time to ensure that merge view are not presented among proposed choices)
3) Right click on any of the choices and copy shortcut to clipboard
4) Open NotePad (or any other editor) and paste
5) Open existing merge view and click “Modify this view” link
6) Copy part of the hyperlink in your browser which is in between ‘View=%7B’ and ‘%7D&Source’
7) In NotePad replace part from ‘View=’ to the end with information from your clipboard
8) Copy resulting link into addres bar of the new browser window and press “go to” button.
9) Enjoy your new and shiny merge supporting view :)

One Response to “Multiple merge views in InfoPath form library”

  1. This is EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you Alec!

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