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Here I am.

Consulting/development services provided:
– infopath/workflow or any other type of SharePoint customization projects of any scale .

My customers:
Wells Fargo



This site was recommended by Microsoft InfoPath support team:

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22 Responses to “About”

  1. Hello,

    On another blog ( you left a response about Access denied issues with the Data Form Web part. I’ve run into the same issue. can you give me a bit more information. I’ve been beating my head against the keyboard all day.


  2. The catch with approach described above is it creates hidden workflow list and out of the box UI has no way to navigate to it.

    1) locate workflow starter link in your XSLT it starts with {ddwrt:GenFireServerEvent(concat(‘__workflowStart={{

    2) Copy the first 16 digits number with curly brackets to the clipboard

    3) navigate to any list’s settings

    4) replase everything after ‘List=’ with string from your clipboard

    5) navigate to the resulting address

    6) grant enough permissions to your users.

  3. Alec, I finally started my own blog and hope to provide great info to the community like you’ve done. I’ve added your blog to my links, so hopefully it helps spread the word.

  4. Alec,
    I’m hunting for clues on how to solve an infopath problem and came across you blog full of interesting and powerful techniques; you obviously know the tool quite well. If you have some time, I wonder if you’d care to look at my problem and comment on it at

    It’s not getting much love over there; not many infopath experts, I guess.

    Any help appreciated — thanks!

    • I could look into your problem if you find a way to share your form somewhere.

      • Alec,
        Thanks very much for the offer! I’ve posted the form at

        [removed by blog owner]

        Please let me know if you have any trouble accessing it; feel free to email me any questions you may have about how it’s supposed to work or what I’m trying to accomplish.



  5. You have couple problems I was able to pinpoint. The first is you checked checkbox “Update this value when resul of the formula is recalculated” on YearlyCost field. Its one time operation so you dont want to recalculate it.

    The second problem is formula itself. The result of your formula
    ../../../my:TotalCost – sum(.)
    is absolutly the same as
    ../../../my:TotalCost – .
    sum() function have no sence in that context.

    If I understand your intention correct the right formula should be:
    ../../../my:TotalCost – sum(../../my:FY/my:YearlyCost)

    • That works perfectly — thanks!!!

      The sum(.) in the formula was automatically generated. I built the formula thru point-and-click rather than writing the XPath expression. When I added the sum() function and selected the YearlyCost field, the formula editor replaced YearlyCost with a ‘.’ I figured it knew what it was doing, so I left it alone. I see I need to pay close attention to what underlying XPath is being generated.

      Thanks very much for the help! I’ll update my question on StackOverflow with your answer, so others can benefit from it, and link to your site. Thanks again!

      – Val

  6. Hello Alec,
    I really enjoy the fact you dabble with codeless programming. I am wondering if you have ever come across any where I can mimic an addMonth function.

    • To Sam:
      It depends on what you like to see as a result. It would be pretty simple solution if input and output parameters are mohths names/indexes. In case if in/out parameters are dates the result is undetermined.

  7. Hey Alec, you have a great blog! Now, I was reading your post about clearing repeating table rows with rules, and I think that this idea could be used to perform codeless repeating table sorting in IP. Thoughts?

    • I don’t think it’s possible. Sorting requires moving elements from one position to another. This is impossible to achieve with current InfoPath limitations.

      • What I meant was, this allows us to have a “standby” section containing the contents of a particular row, and then we can put the contents of the standby section into some the appropriate row.

  8. I really need to get the email address from contact selector working ! but I followed your walkthrough and no joy! either I get the accountid and domain or without condition, I just get my email address! could I send you my form to check and see if I have made any silly mistakes, any help would be greatly apprecicated James Cooper

  9. Hello,

    I have looked at your forms regarding date calculation but was hoping you could help with another aspect of date calculations. I am very new to infopath and sharepoint and have created a time off request form.

    I have a “from” datepicker field and a “to” datepicker field. I then have a textbox where users manually enter the total hours requested for time off.

    Management is wanting the “total hours requested” text box to validate against the date picker fields so if a user accidentally enters a total hours value that is outside the date range, it will give an error.

    Any help you can provide would be very appreciated!


  10. Hi Alex,

    Do you have a way to add rows to a repeating section? I would like to fill in information from a data connection and then have the user add comments to it in a comments field. Would the joining of tables work? It has to be codeless because the company does not want to do code-behind.

    Thanks a million.


  11. Thanks Alex. I spent a whole day looking for a solution. I really appreciate your prompt reply!\


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